Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Fight to the Finish

Oh how I LOVE to watch my kids run!

It was REALLY fun to have both Josiah and Elijah
on the high school x-country team this year.

Elijah is on the right, with Josiah just steps behind him as they near the finish line of their first meet.

Elijah and Josiah were running side by side at the
start of their first home meet.

After awhile, they were spread out a bit,
with Josiah in the lead.

Elijah was not far behind, though.

On the sprint to the finish line,
Josiah does not know that Elijah is gaining on him.

Elijah catches up . . .

and passes big brother in the last seconds of the race.

At some of the large meets,
the boys ran in different heats.

Some races, Josiah beat Elijah.
Other races, Elijah beat Josiah.

Both boys had such GREAT attitudes.

They really supported each other,
no matter who won the last race.

They had the BEST team that our high school has ever had,
and hope to be even better next year 
(as they only lost a couple of Seniors).

We are already looking forward to next year's x-country season . . .
but first we will enjoy track season this spring.

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