Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Two Weeks of Over-the-Top CRAZY!

Life has been an absolute WHIRLWIND the past two weeks.  

I have had to walk through each and every day 
putting my trust in the Lord and walking in His ways.

GOOD things!

HARD things!

BIG choices!

MAJOR decisions!


More HARD things!

The Lord has been absolutely FAITHFUL
to lead and to guide each step of the way.

I quit one of my two jobs.
(not the one everyone would 
have expected me to quit)

The Lord prompted me to plan a mid-winter trip
to Oklahoma and to Minnesota
with only a week's notice,
and then worked out every.single.detail
in amazing ways.

Then . . . my mom died.

It's a long, hard, confusing story . . .
no one had told me she was in the hospital . . .
no one contacted me to tell me she was dying.

My mom wrote a good-bye email . . . but never sent it.
I will never know why she chose not to send it.

I found out that people I have never
heard of had planned her funeral,
without inviting her family.

So, while others were honoring her life . . .
I was on a plane to Oklahoma.

God knew the days and the timing.
He had completely orchestrated this trip.

He knew my mom was going to die.
He knew that no one had told me.

I put my trust in Him and Him alone.

I flew to Oklahoma.
(to visit 2 sons, 2 daughters-in-love, and 4 grandsons)

I drove to Minnesota with 1 daughter-in-love and 2 grandsons.
(to visit 2 daughters, 2 sons-in-love, and 3 more grandsons)

Everyone told me that I was CRAZY to drive to MN in the winter.

But . . . funniest thing . . . the day that I left,
an absolutely CRAZY snowstorm hit Western Wa.

I LOVE "Snow Days" with my family.
Jim and the boys will have their
4th "Snow Day" tomorrow . . .
no work, no school, no plans . . .
just another day to PLAY.

I wish I was there . . .
but am glad I am here . . .

The Lord knew.
The Lord orchestrated this trip.

I keep trusting Him.
I keep walking each day with Him.

More details to come . . .

of the BIG job decision . . .

of the LOSS of my mom . . .

of God's absolute FAVOR in orchestrating this trip . . .

of BIG things that I am learning . . .

of BIG things that God is doing  . . .

Please keep me in your prayers as I continue to walk
in faith with my Lord through all of the transitions.


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  1. L: Thx 4 caring enough for your children to give them a good education; God bless you all!