Saturday, March 4, 2017

7 Weekends Away in 10 Weeks

Life continues to be CRAZY and HARD, 
but with a lot of FUN thrown in, too.

January 5 - 8th

I drove 800 miles round trip,
as I took Hosanna and a friend 
back to college after Christmas Break.

Then, I took a few days away by myself,
which was a very smart thing to do,
since I had absolutely no idea
what the next 2 months would bring.

January 13 - 16th

I drove 750 miles round trip to Oregon for an
Annual Scrapbooking Weekend
at the Christian Renewal Center.

January 21 - 22nd

I stayed home . . .
but spent the weekend PRAYING
about whether or not to quit one of my jobs.
(I gave my notice at the Dentist Office on Monday.)

January 27 - 28th

I stayed home, and found out that
My Mother Died.

I drove 160 miles round trip on Sunday,
to work at the bookstore in Lynnwood.
(I was giving their manager a day off.)

I drove another 160 miles round trip on Monday,
to work at the bookstore in Everett.
(I was training their manager and
Inventory Control Specialist.)

The day that I gave notice at the Dentist Office,
the Lord opened some new doors for me at the bookstore.

February 4 - 5th

I flew to Oklahoma City on Saturday,
and began my drive to Minnesota on Sunday.

February 11 - 12th

After a whirlwind 950 mile each way trip
to Brainerd, MN for a few days,
we were back in Oklahoma City for the wknd.

I flew home from Oklahoma on the 13th,
and had 3 days to catch my breath before the next trip.

February 17 - 20th

We drove almost 400 miles to Spokane on Friday.
We drove another 400 miles to Boise on Saturday.
We drove 400 miles back to Spokane on Sunday.
We drove almost 400 miles home on Monday.

What did we do on this whirlwind trip?

We visited Hosanna at college on Friday,
and then went to Idaho to visit Rachel on Saturday.

We headed back to Spokane on Sunday,
and visited Josh and Russell on Monday.

February 23rd 
(not a weekend)

I drove 160 miles round trip,
to work at the Lynnwood bookstore again.

I was REALLY excited about ALL 
that I was doing at the bookstores.

I KNEW that I had made the right decision,
to quit the job at the Dentist Office,
because my HEART and PASSION were
to be working at the bookstore.

February 25 - 26th

I was home for the weekend . . . 

but was processing some VERY hard news
about my job at the bookstore.

Jim was away for the weekend,
at a teacher conference.

I also met with my brother to discuss some
difficult issues surrounding my mother's death.

March 4 - 5th

Ahhhhh . . .

A weekend away . . .

. . .  where I "only"  have to drive 180 miles round trip.

. . .  where I don't have any responsibility.

. . .  where I haven't had any "new" bad news to process.

. . .  where I can go to bed early, and sleep in late.

I have desperately needed a weekend where I can
rest, relax, and catch my breath.

I am away for the weekend,
scrapbooking with friends.

I just calculated that I drove over 6000 miles
in the past two months, not including
all of my "every day, around town" driving.

(Jim did much of the driving on the Boise trip, but 
on all of the other trips I was the sole driver.)

Next weekend . . .

will be my 7th weekend away in 10 weeks.


Next weekend is our church Women's Retreat.

The following weekend . . .

Jim gets to go away for another weekend,
to a Men's Retreat in Oregon.

And . . .
the following week. . .
High School Track Season begins.

We will then have weekend Track Meets
almost every other weekend for the next 2 months.

I LOVE Track Season!
Sarah, Josiah, and Elijah are all on the
High School Track Team this year.

Life is . . . 







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